Constipation is one of main causes of overweight and obesity. Majority of the overweight persons are constipated. The longer food waste stays in your body, more weight you are likely to gain. It is very important that you treat constipation before setting forth on your weight loss journey! Here are the RULES to naturally cure constipation.
Try to consume healthy fats. Adding spoonfuls of healthy oils like coconut oil, olive oil etc. to your diet helps eliminating constipation. If you don't like to consume oils, then eating one avocado daily can help you eliminate constipation as avacado is rich source of healthy fats.

Eating more of the following foods eliminates constipation very fast. These are nature's cures for constipation. Here is the list:-
• Onions
• Garlic
• Mushrooms
• Berries
• Broccoli
• Carrots
• Cauliflower
• Brussel sprouts
• Pears
• Apples
Consume complex Carbohydrates on regular basis to promote health of digestive tract. Carbohydrates take longer time to be digested; so they engage intestinal bacteria for longer time and cause faster bowl movements. Here is list of foods high in complex carbohydrates.

Spinach • Whole • Barley • Grapefruit • Turnip Greens • Buckwheat • Apples • Lettuce • Buckwheat bread •  Prunes • Water Cress • Oat bran bread • Dried apricots • Zucchini • Oatmeal • Pears • Asparagus • Oat bran cereal • Plums • Artichokes • Museli • Strawberries • Okra • Wild rice • Oranges • Cabbage • Brown rice • Yams • Celery • Carrots • Cucumbers • Pinto beans • Soybeans • Radishes • Skim milk • Lentils • Broccoli • Navy beans • Garbanzo beans • Brussels • Sprouts • Cauliflower • Kidney beans • Eggplant • Soy milk • Lentils • Onions • Whole meal bread • Split peas
Add grains to your diet. If you like gluten free grains, those are the best. Teff is the best of all grains for curing constipation. It has ability to produce higher bowl movements. Teff pudding with little fruit added is one of the best cures for constipation. Try to add other gluten free gains to your diet to cure your problem forever! One of our nutritionists’ personal experience has found quinoa to be the best solution for constipation. She has declared it a ‘miracle cure.’
Here is list of gluten free grains
• Amaranth
• Buckwheat
• Corn
• Millet
• Job's tears
• Oats
• Quinoa
• Sorghom
• Teff
• Wildrice
Consume figs, flaxseeds and raisins daily. These three foods are known for relieving constipation fast. You can use figs for best results. Dunk couple of figs in one cup of water and leave it overnight. In the morning drink the water and eat the figs. Add flaxseeds and raisins in your morning cereal.
Add little bit of sea salt to your daily diet. It is an important nutrient that helps in maintaining health of vital glands like thyroid and adrenal. Slow functioning adrenal and thyroid glands are very common reasons for constipation.

Blackberry, lemon, and grapefruit are good natural remedies for curing constipation. Also, try to use lots of water and take one hour’s brisk walk, daily. It will definitely help.
Avoid over the counter medicines as much as you can; because these medicines cause constipation and spoil health of liver and other glands. Try home remedies for everyday diseases like flu, fever, headache etc.
Increase consumption of fermented foods for reliving constipation. Fermented foods like kefir, yogurt, sourdough, kombucha, cheese etc. spawn gut friendly bacteria and cure intestinal problems like diarrhea, constipation, piles etc.
Prunes are proven to have been very good natural cure for constipation. People suffering from chronic constipation do call it “miracle cure.” Eating 3 to 8 prunes a day for a week should relieve your constipation.
Ten Rules To Cure Constipation!
By Dr. John Joseph
Ten Rules for Healthy and Longer Life.
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