Becoming grocery smart is first right step towards right direction. Here are few most important grocery RULES that will in choosing healthy foods at low prices.
Always go to grocerying with a list of healthy food items based on your knowledge, research and lifestyle. If you go without a list, you may  throw your money away by bringing the needless items. Scan your kitchen and fridge or refrigerator while making the list. You may see many items already sitting there. Keep a list on your fridge, and write depleting things down immediately.
To help meet the proper nutritional requirements, you should be filling your cart with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, lean meat, fish, poultry, beans, and nuts.
To save you some money, use coupons, check the weekly grocery ads, and incorporate sale foods into your meal planning. In addition, do not shop hungry: an empty stomach often leads to impulse shopping that may not be good for your weight loss journey.
Buy different and fresh fruits and vegetables each week  and store them well. Consume everything that you buy of the both groups. Your refrigerator filled with healthy foods will keep you from consuming the junk.
Learn to read the “nutrition facts label” of the packed or canned food you are buying. It gives you information about nutrients. Your body needs the right combination of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals to work properly and grow. Shun trans-fat, hydrogenated oils, high amounts of sugar, saturated fat, lots of sodium, cholesterol like a plague. Instead, look for foods that have enough of the fiber, protein, vitamins, and other nutrients you need every day.
Try the store brands. Brand names are often no better than generic, and you are paying for all the advertising they do to sell their brand name. Try the trusted store brand, and often you won’t observe a difference, especially if it’s an ingredient in a dish where you can’t taste the quality of that individual ingredient. It will save you lots of money.
Sugar-intense cereals are a bad buy. No point of wasting lots of money for bad calories and no nutrition. Look for whole grain cereals with low sugar. Add fruits for better flavor. Buy grains in bulk.
Go to grocery shop when your kids are in school. When you bring kids along, they will pester you into buying some kind of junk food. They may not only stretch you beyond your budget, will certainly baffle you from buying right items, which is only possible when you focus and compare.

Buy healthy snacks for the kids. Whole-wheat crackers, popcorn, cut-up fruit, raisins, and other kid-friendly snacks are much better options than the junk like chips, chocolate bars etc. These healthy snacks are cheaper too.
Don’t fall in to fixation with one grocery store. Browse all the good stores in the area and then compare the prices. You may get same thing much cheaper across the street! However, don’t compromise on quality. Buy in bulk when it makes sense
Rules Grocery Shopping Rules To Help You Avoid Common Mistakes
By Lisa A. Matheson
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