Belly fat is first to come and last to go. It takes consistent and perseverant effort to get rid of the belly fat. Healthy habits, nutritious diet and targeted exercises can melt belly fat faster than you may expect. Here are the RULES to get rid of belly fat.
Did you know that the more colorful is your meal, the more nourishing it's going to be? Think about it: carrots, peppers, spinach, and tomatoes are all brilliant colors and they ae full of different nutrients that your body direly needs every day! Keep your plate colorful and you're going to kick-start process of losing your belly fat!
Larger bellies de-shape the abdominal muscles. Having larger meals ruin all of your efforts of reducing the belly size. Larger meals not only stretch the abdominal muscles out of proportions, they increase the size of your stomach too. Larger stomachs are always hungry.
Calcium can help you lose belly fat. Yes, you heard it right. When you are low on calcium, it produces a hormone, parathyroid, that signals the body to store visceral fat. Meeting your recommended daily calcium needs (that's around 1,000 milligrams for adults) can help in lowering the production of parathyroid. Moreover, a recent study has found that calcium from dairy has a stronger effect than calcium got from other sources. I, strongly recommend eating low-fat Greek yogurt, fat free cottage cheese and drinking fat free milk.
Changing your diet and lifestyle will definitely help you lose belly fat faster than anything else. The presence of belly fat signifies a wrong lifestyle. Correct it. Don’t waste your time and money by following hyped belly fat products and programs.
Once you've successfully got rid of belly fat, that doesn't mean it's time to rest on your laurels. Don't stop eating right. Keep following your slimming plan to maintain your new body! Maintaining your new body is equally important.
Consume good fats while eliminating sugar. To burn fat, you need good fats. Yup. Good fats include foods rich in Omega 3′s, like salmon, avocados & walnuts. These foods are full of nutrients that help keep you satiated throughout the day.

Verily, starving yourself will not help you reduce belly fat. Reduce intake of calories, by all means, particularly the empty calories, but to be healthy and lose belly fat, you need to eat well. Starvation is not only dangerous, it is awfully unhealthy, and it won't work anyway! It slows down your metabolism and causes many other health problems. Don't even make the mistake of thinking that skipping breakfast, lunch, or dinner will help you lose belly fat.
To restore abdominal muscles to normal shape, you need to develop habit of eating in smaller portions. You may eat many times a day. This small step will not only shrink size of your stomach, it will also shape up abdominal muscles.

Avoid the following fattening foods as much as you can. These foods notorious for increasing the belly bulge.
• White Bread
• Sugary Cereal
• Vegetable Oil
• Whole Milk
• Potatoes
• 100% Fruit Juice
• Soda
• Junk Food
• Processed Meat
• Peanut Butter
If you are thirsty, you're definitely going to eat more. Yup, sounds strange, but it's true. So before you sit down to eat, drink a glass of cool water, wait a few minutes, and then relish your moderate portion of healthy food. Isn’t it a easy way to lose belly fat? You'll be surprised to see the results. Try it before making it an habit.
Increase intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C is abundantly found in citrus fruits, broccoli, kale and bell peppers. It can also help you keep cortisol levels under control. Not only this, vitamin C is essential in production of carnitine, which the body uses to convert fat into energy.
Ten Rules to Get FIT and FAT FREE Belly
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