Our bodies, mainly our digestive tracts, tend to hold onto toxins, preservatives from processed foods, or just the waste that is not being properly disposed off by the body. Whatever the reason may be, the result is that you may feel bloated, weighed down, excessively tired. Many health problems usually ensue if toxins stay longer in body.
Green smoothies can be very good help for detoxification of your system. Chlorophyll (found in the greens) and fiber cause a very balanced and safer detoxification of body. You don’t have to replace all of your meals with green smoothies to detoxify your body. You can detoxify your system by simply starting with two cups of green smoothie a day. Another benefit attributed to green smoothies is banishment of cravings.

Eating fiber in its original shape is very good way to getting rid of toxins. Add a proper serving of fiber to your diet to keep the digestive tract working properly. Properly functioning digestive tract will throw out all the toxins, excessive waste, and anything else that has built up in the digestive tract. You are going to feel healthier, much lighter, and more energetic once your system is properly detoxified.
Consuming super-foods is another good way of detoxifying your system. Super-foods contain important nutrients and antioxidants which our bodies need to fight off the infections and fungal organisms. The presence of these antioxidants and nutrients in the body helps to fight off harmful toxins and substances that do weaken you immune system and your overall health-so make sure to including them in your daily dietary intakes. Here is the list of most important supper-foods…
• Salmon
• Tuna
• Avocado
• Walnuts
• Almonds
• Olive Oil
• Flax Seeds
• Blueberries
• Raspberries
• Spinach
• Kale
• Eggplant
• Tomatoes
• Carrots
• Sweet Potatoes
• Apples
• Oranges
• Butternut Squash
Try to turn to herbal and home remedies as your first medical option. The very medicines and drugs that you take to cure your illnesses and improve your health conditions may be adding toxins to the body. Though antibiotics and other medicines are administered to helping you to stay healthy, they also contain harmful substances that do build up in your intestines and digestive tract over time. Resort to these when you don’t have any other choice to cure chronic and complicated diseases like diabetes, cancer etc. However, for common and everyday illnesses like flu, fever, headache etc, you need to try herbal and home remedies.
Use herbs to detoxifying your body and improving its ability to fight toxins. Milk thistle is a proven liver-cleanser and detoxifier, 'dandelion' and 'uva ursi' are well-known kidney-regenerating herbs. Sea buckthorn extract powder helps strengthen the lungs and flax-seeds help eliminate toxic substances stuck in intestines.
Opt for fresh foods over processed and ready-made diet foods that are loaded with additives and preservatives. Additives and preservatives do build up in your intestines as toxins over time. You will feel slowed down and may develop other symptoms that make you ill and overweight. It’s not a good outcome!

Cleanse your body every month. This way if any sort of toxins have started building up in your digestive tract, they will get washed before their building complex structures. Choose a good cleansing program that best suits your taste and lifestyle and repeat it every month.
Choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle may save you from all sorts of problems by detoxifying your system on everyday basis. Here are RULES to improve your lifestyle.
• Eat healthy food
• Take proper sleep.
• Finish you dinner at least two hours before sleep. Try to have a lighter dinner.
• Go to bed on early and fixed time. Wake up before sunrise.
• Move your body for one hour daily by walking, cycling, swimming, dancing etc.
• Avoid addiction to cigarettes and alcohol etc.
• Live in good green and healthy surroundings
Giving your body a chance to resting, it is like giving it time to recuperate and rejuvenate itself. Rest makes it more functional. Simply fasting for a day or two and consuming juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables can really help. One or two day of fasting every two weeks is  one of the recommended ways of detoxifying your system. Fasting enhances your control over cravings and emotional eating too.
Cut out simple carbohydrates, white sugar and flour, and any fried foods. These foods not only are bad for your waistline, they add toxins to your body too. Instead of using simple carbohydrates, you move towards complex carbohydrates, which are better for digestion. Do replace white flour with whole wheat; white sugar with brown one. These small changes will go a long way in helping you completely detoxifying your system.
Ten Rules To Detoxify Your Body
By Lana Patterson
Ten Rules For Losing Belly Fat Fast.
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