Avoid drinks and beverages because they are loaded with calories. Just imagine that it takes one hour or more of stringent exercise to burn off calories taken from just one pop drink. All of your weight loss efforts may go into black hole, if you don’t wean yourself from drinking unhealthy drinks and beverages!
Now, that you know how much difference a drink can make, here are some ways to make smart beverage choices:
Prefer water, diet, or low-calorie beverages over sugar-dense drinks and sweetened beverages.
Avoid or eliminate alcohol drinks, especially the following:-

Margaritas --- are loaded with sugar
Long Island Iced Teas --- don't actually contain tea.
Pina Coladas --- are a high-calorie drink.
Craft beers --- can cause bloating.
A White Russian --- is a heavy drink.
Sangria --- just because it has fruit in it doesn't make it healthy.
Rum and Coke --- is a sugary combo.
Sweet white wine --- is packed with sugar.
A gin and tonic --- can be a sneaky source of sugar.
Beers --- are notorious for giving "beer-bellies"
When you do opt for a sugar-dense drink, go for the small size. Some drink companies are now selling 8-oz. cans and bottles of soda, which contain about 100 calories.
Make water more interesting by adding slices of lemon, lime, cucumber, or watermelon, or drink sparkling water.
While trying to choose a drink, don’t forget to see the nutritional facts of the drink and estimated calories posted on it.
Serve water with meals. Even at restaurants, choose water instead of cold drinks or beverages
Be a role model for your friends and family by choosing simple water or healthy, low-calorie drinks and beverages

Add a splash of 100% juice to plain sparkling water for a refreshing, low-calorie drink.
If you are using bottled water, you might be using it thriftily. You don’t have to limit water intake. Instead of spending a fortune on bottled water, buy a water filter for your home faucet. It will make tap water taste like that of bottled, at a fraction of the price. You will end up using more water because of it not costing you at all.
For a quick, easy, and economical thirst-quencher, keep a water bottle with yourself and refill it throughout the day.
Ten Most Important Rules For What you Drink.
By Stacy Stickland
Ten Rules For Dining Out Without Swallowing Extra Calories.
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