All humans want to live happier, healthier and longer lives. It may not be possible without following the rules that guarantee a longer life. Here are ten important RULES that will help you live few years beyond one hundred!
1- If you want to live over one hundred years, add red foods to your diet. Here is list of red foods recommended to be added to your dietary intake:-
• Red cabbage
• Beet
• Red bell pepper
• Strawberry
• Tomatoes
• Cranberries
• Pomegranate
• Red redishes
• Red kidney beans
• Red cherries
Sleep at night and work during day. Don't go against natural pattern. Take at least eight-hour’s sound sleep daily. And try to abide by the old dictum, “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.
We recommend you to developing stress-busting habits: Habits of walking, meditation, talking to a friend or playing music can help you bust the stress. Learning stress management is the best of rules to disease prevention.
Get medical checkup done on regular basis. This step will help you nib any of the fatal diseases in its early stages. You will be able to keep a vigilant eye on all the dangerous diseases like stroke, blood pressure, heart problems, developing diabetes etc.
Quit smoking and other addictions. We assume you know all the reasons why!

Living an active sex life, discovering spirituality, volunteering, learning to keeping cool, laughing frequently and staying optimist are other suggestions that will help you live a longer life.
Raise a pet. Scientists have found that those who were raising a pet were not only less lonely; their immunity levels were high as compared to those who were without pets. Pet-love keeps you both spiritually and physically active.
Learn to hold your breath within your lungs for few seconds, many times a day. Start from holding breath from five seconds and keep on increasing the span as your stamina increases. This small step will promote health of your lungs.
Take best care of your teeth and eyes. Healthy and strong teeth are the most valuable tool to longevity. Those who have lost their natural teeth rarely cross 100 years boundary. Hence, develop habit of taking care of your oral cavity by brushing and flossing teeth after every meal.
Ten Rules To Live A Longer Stronger And A Fit Life.
By Courtney Max
Ten Miscellaneous Rules for Quickening Fat loss Process.
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