Liver plays a vital role in keeping you healthy, robust and fit. It is body’s toxin processing plant. When fat and toxins accumulate in it, it stops functioning properly, causing many health issues like weight gain, bloating, water retention etc. So it becomes imperative to cleanse it to help it function properly. Here are some valuable methods to cleanse it easily and naturally.
Minimize intake of alcohol. Alcohol is one of the biggest causes of the toxins found in your liver. These toxins keep it from functioning properly. Cleanse your liver by eliminating or reducing intake of alcohol.
Poor and innutritious diet is also responsible for malfunctioning of liver. Diets that are high in calories, sugar, fats etc. are not only devoid of nutrition but are harmful for your lever too. I recommend you to start consuming plenty of citrus fruits and green vegetables , to cleanse and restore your liver.
Drinking lemon juice in hot water in the morning or drinking green tea with lemon squeezed in it three times a day is one of the easiest ways to detoxify liver and keep weight from increasing.
Garlic is one of the best natural remedies for liver cleansing. Adding some garlic to your cooking or clove slices to your salad daily can promote health and performance of your liver. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that trigger liver enzymes. It also contains allicin and selenium that promote liver’s health.
Use the following foods more frequently as these foods are known for their cleansing effect. All of these foods contain glutathione, known as the body’s “master oxidant” because of its effectiveness in eliminating toxins. Here is the list of these foods:-
• Raw carrots
• Brown rice
• Beets
• Garlic
• Tomatoes
• Spinach
• Wheat germ
• Onions
• Watermelon
• Papaya
• Avocado
• Lemons
• Oranges
Zinc is a necessary nutrient for healthy liver. Zinc plays very important part in many of enzyme reactions throughout the body. Particularly, the liver enzyme that converts toxic substances in to less toxic waste requires zinc. Zinc deficiency is linked to many of liver diseases and its poor performance. Doctors recommend taking about 2 to 12 mg of zinc per day, depending on the age and condition of the individual. Meats, dairy products, nuts and beans are natural dietary sources of zinc.

The liver is your body’s main toxin processing unit. By reducing the amount of toxins your liver is exposed to, you can reduce the chances of it getting damaged. If you are incessantly exposed to toxic substances like toxic liquids, fresh paint fumes, household cleaning liquids, cigarette smoke, pesticides etc, it is more than likely that your liver is going to get inflamed. Try to avoid such toxins to ensure your liver's health.
Juices have proven to be very effective for the liver cleansing. Vegetable juice, apple juice, lemon water, rice milk, dandelion tea and grape juice have been found to be the most effective drinks for liver cleansing.

Here are some recipes

(1) Apple juice recipe for liver cleansing

1 Cored apple
1 Garlic clove
½ Teaspoon of ginger root.
1 Lemon juice
Add some leaves of mint for taste if you like!
Use juicer for blending the ingredients!

(2) Beet Juice recipe for liver cleansing

½ medium-sized beet
1 apple
2 carrots
1 grapefruit or lemon (squeezed)
½ teaspoon of ginger root
Use juicer for blending the ingredients!
Try to spare sometime for exercising. Exercise helps in boosting metabolism, burning fat and ridding metabolized fats. You don’t need to resort to hard exercises for this purpose. Simple exercises like jogging, walking, cycling etc. are also beneficial for proper functioning of liver.
Tumeric is an effective spice with loads of benefits. Turmeric is proven to protecting not only the liver from damage, but also helping regeneration of liver cells. In addition, it increases natural bile production and aids in keeping the body free of toxins. It is also an excellent cure and prevention liver viruses.
Rules For Liver Cleansing
By Anna Foy
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