Fit body is healthy body. Fit people live healthier, active and longer lives. Here are some best RULES to get you fit and fat free body.
Always make sure you have good quality, comfortable, fit and athletic shoes. It is very important.  Bad quality shoes may not only make you feel tired too early, they may also cause a serious injury. Good base is important for good outcome. Keep wearing those most often to keep yourself in exercising mode.
Don’t forget that a warm-up and cool-down are fundamental parts of your workout. Warming up may help prepare your body for extreme physical activity. Warming up steadily revs up your cardiovascular system, increases blood flow to your muscles and raises your body temperature. Plunging into an intense workout without preparing your body could lead to problems like muscle strain or injury.

Cooling down your body after exercising may help gradually decrease the temperature of your muscles and thus reduce possibility of muscle injury, stiffness or soreness.
Climb stairs instead of taking elevator. Try to climb two steps at a time. This small step will not only burn calories very fast, it is good for tightening your leg and butt muscles too. If you can't climb two stairs then try to climb the same stairs twice!
Allow yourself to watch your favorite TV shows ONLY while walking on the treadmill or cycling on home cycling machine. This small tip has amazing results.
Sweat happens when your fat is crying. So do not stop exercising before making your fat cry. It cries only when it is burning. More sweating mean more fat burning.

Just because you have had a stressful or long day doesn't mean you should skip your workout. Push yourself daily. No one is going to do it for you. You can have results or excuses, not both.
It’s not easy to reach your goals without a solid backbone. Try to surround and socialize with sincere people. Invite a friend who will stay committed to exercising with you. This step will make your exercise a pleasant socialising experience. Both of you will be able to encourage each other by telling your stories of success. You will find yourself more than eager to spend time with your friend, exercising.
Let us make your treadmill more effective. Running over a flat belt is not that helpful for burning calories, so incline it in uphill position. Keep switching between the speed modes i.e. walking, brisk walking, running and running fast!
If you run four miles, do not think that you are allowed to eat a large pack of French fries with a full sized cold drink. The truth is, you are doing a bad deal, as you are burning about 400 calories, and eating a 1,000 calories. Chocolate milk is better for you than anything after a workout! Chocolate milk is perfect balance of electrolytes, potassium, crabs, protein and fat for recovery.
Ten Most Important Fitness Rules To Get A Fully Fit And Fatless Body!
By Clayton Paul
Ten Exercising Rules To Get You Greater Results For Less Of Your Effort.

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