Exercising is one of most essential requisites to lose weight and maintaining fitness. It is wrong to think that only hard exercises produce results. If done right, even easy exercises have equal results. To make exercising an interesting experience, you can start from easy exercises and shorter spans.
You do not need to start your fitness regimen from hard exercises. Any type of body movement like dancing, walking, gardening, yoga, cycling, playing basketball, tidying the house etc. is equally good. To make it easier to get moving, choose whatever gets you moving. You can choose an activity that fits your lifestyle and self-identity.
Make an exercise partner. It could be your friend, spouse, any of parents or siblings. It makes exercise an interesting experience.
Slow walk may not help you burn lots of calories; however, brisk walk certainly can. Try to set your routine from half an hour of brisk walking daily in a way that your whole body shakes on side. Gradually, prolong it to one hour. It will not only burn lots of calories, but will also get you a totally balanced body!
Whenever, you feel that you have consumed more than allowed calories, try to walk an extra mile to burn off the surplus.
Turn off the TV, computer, and smart phone. Cutting back on screen time is a recommended way to curtail your “sit time.” Make use of the spared time by visiting the gym, walking to nearby mall for window-shopping or walking to nearby park.
Buy bicycle and visit your nearby friends on it. If possible, invite them to cycle ride on daily basis.

Give yourself weekly challenges like losing 2 pounds or fitting into a nice shirt. Dole away your lose outfits. Monitor the daily progress.
Enhance your knowledge regarding foods, nutrition, health, exercising etc. Consult a specialist whenever you need to. Once you have acquired a good level of knowledge, your lifestyle will, gradually, become healthy, for sure, because an aware mind seldom makes bad decisions!
You do not need to exercise for half an hour in one leap. Ten minutes morning, ten minutes noon and ten minutes at evening have same effect! Cutting it to pieces may not only fit your lifestyle, it will also not bore you away!
Use the stairs instead of elevators and escalators whenever possible. Climbing stairs burns calories faster one of the best exercises.
Ten Important Rules For Exercising
By Jason Flynn
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