Almost all the vegetables are included in the healthy food groups. The more vegetables you use, the faster you will move towards your goal of getting fat free body. Here are ten RULES for consuming more vegetables in delicious way.
Make a rule of buying fresh vegetable of the season. Fresh vegetables are not only healthy and full of nutrients but are less expensive too!
Serve yourself vegetables in more appealing and appetizing way. You may always want to finish your plate if it is properly decorated with vegetables. A plate of two or three sliced and decorated vegetables with dribble of low fat swirl is irresistible.
Learn the art of cooking delicious vegetables. Vegetables, if properly cooked, can relish your taste buds more than any other dish. So, buy a good vegetarian recipe book and try one recipe every day.
Try to use at least three colors of vegetables at a time. This practice will not only please your taste buds but also feed your body with required nutrition at cellular level.
Though all vegetables are healthy, however, focus on buying those that are easy to cook and consume.
You can make vegetables more interesting and nutritional by sprinkling slivered almonds, toasted and crushed peanuts or cashew-nuts to stir-fried or steamed vegetables.

Try to consume dark oranges and green vegetables as they are the best sources of vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients. Supplements are poor substitutes for naturally sourced vitamins and nutrients
However, not as good as fresh ones, yet canned and frozen vegetables are healthy choices as compared to meat and junk food. So stock up these for your convenience, health and off-season taste!
Many of vegetables are best source of potassium. Vegetables like beet greens, sweet potatoes spinach, split peas, winter squash, cooked lentils, and tomatoes are the best sources of potassium. Relish these vegetables in any of the healthy ways you like.
Try to munching on raw vegetables more often. Vegetables like lettuce, cucumber, baby carrots and celery sticks should be your healthy snack replacement
Rules For Consuming More Vegetables
By Laura Banjamin
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