It is not a bad idea to dine out, sometimes, with family and friends; but it is not a good idea to swallow unlimited calories. Here are ten RULES for dining out without engulfing prohibited amount of calories.
Plan your visit beforehand and get familiar with the restaurant's menu and nutritional info, either on-site or online.

If your plan is sudden, try to go any of the Chinese, Thai or Mediterranean restaurant. You will eat healthy food, enjoy it and consume much less calories.
Order water or low-fat or fat-free milk or pure juice right away and start sipping it. Much of what we mistake as hunger is often merely thirst. Don’t order calorie loaded cold drinks!
During the bread course, tell the server to remove the tray of the bread immediately after it is brought to your table. If you don't want to skip the bread course, ask for whole-grain bread, rolls or bread-sticks. Then stick to one piece, preferably un-buttered. The longer it stays, the more you are likely to succumb to temptation.
Order veggie salad before other dishes arrive. Munch on the salad as much as you can. You will, definitely, consume less of the food. Don’t order fried foods (french fries, onion rings, or fried chicken and fish). There are hundreds of healthy alternatives.
Order smallest quantities and use smaller plates. Remember to eat slowly to allow your brain the time it needs to realize you are full. Enjoy every bit of the food. Put your fork down between mouthfuls and savor your meal as feast. If you are ordering sandwich, order the smallest one!
Choose vegetable toppings for your pizza, such as peppers, mushrooms, onions, etc. Alternatively, you can order pizza without cheese.

Order grilled chicken or fish with low fat dressings. Consume equal amount of salad with it. If you can’t find low-fat dressing options, try a squeeze of lemon, or vinegar with a touch of oil.
If you can resist temptation of ordering a desert, do it. To make them tasty, restaurants use loads of fattening ingredients. If you are two people, order just one desert and share. If you go alone, eat half there and bring the other half for any of your housemates, parents or siblings. Moreover, try to choose healthier options like fresh fruit, sorbet, sherbet, fruit ice, meringues or plain cake with fruit puree.
Don’t go to a restaurant empty stomach. You may not only be making unhealthy choices but also you may end up spending more of money.
Ten Important Rules for Dining Out
By Alissa Walling
Ten Rules To Eating More Of The Vegetables To Burn Body Fat.
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