Here are few miscellaneous RULES that are definitely going to help you quicken fat loss!
Eat slowly till you are 80 % full. After 20 minutes, you will feel that your stomach is 100 % full. This is because your brain lags 20 minutes behind your stomach. Your stomach can stretch to holding up to 4 liters of liquid. Despite filling your stomach to maximum, you may yet feel hungry because the sensation of being full will reach your brain after twenty minutes. This difference of 20 minute is cause of overeating. Regular overeating may make your stomach oversized. An oversized stomach needs more food to feel satiated. Hence eat slowly while savoring your food so that the 20 minute's difference is minimized. 
Try to avoid eating in front of a television or in a movie theater, as you are likely to consume more calories. Instead, indulge in a pleasant conversation with your spouse, family member, or friend while eating. Conversational sessions will help you eat less food while making you feel full much earlier by bridging up the 20 minutes gap between your stomach and the brain.
Learn to meditate yourself out of stress. Invoke your inner strength to cope with it. It is easy enterprise for a capable person like you. An awakened inner strength is going to go long way in helping you seeking positive solutions for your problems including weight gain!
Make sure that you take at least 10000 to 14000 steps a day. If you are not moving that much, you definitely are not burning enough of calories. Buy a pedometer to track your movement. This small measure will help you stay healthy, fit and fat free.
Carry your home cooked lunch box to your workplace, instead of buying calorie-loaded food from there. Find a secluded place to relish your lunch, instead of sitting in a common place where others’ fattening lunches may tempt you.

Muscles burn calories four times faster than fat does so building muscles by eating protein from good sources like beans, lean meat, egg white, fish etc. and doing strength training for twenty to thirty minutes every other day can help you burning body fat really fast!
Try to start your day by drinking one glass of water before consuming anything. It is a good way to purify your internal system, cleansing your colon and enabling better absorption of nutrients from various food sources. It increases production of new cells also. Drinking 16 ounces of water in the morning increases metabolism by 24 % thus helps you lose the unwanted pounds.
Share your weight loss goals with your family and friends so that you feel under pressure of living up to your words. Keep your weight loss journey photographed.
Eat at least 3 hours before going to bed. During daytime your metabolism is fast because you are busy doing activities. However, in the night, metabolism slows down so the food energy turns in to fat and gets stored in body. Try also to sleep as early as possible because longer you keep on waking, more likely it is that you are going to consume more of fattening food and thus put on more weight. It is a proven fact that people who wake through night are mostly overweight.
Ten Miscellaneous Rules To Quicken Fatloss
By Angela Demeter
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