Learning about healthy cooking techniques is one of the most important steps towards your goal of losing weight, staying healthy and living long! Here are the important RULES for healthy cooking.
Cook your food in olive oil and do not use more than two tablespoons of oil for one meal. You must remember the fact that fat you eat is the fat we wear on your body. Hence, reduce intake of unhealthy fats.

Prefer baking, grilling, sauteing, broiling, baking, stir-frying and steaming instead of frying in oil.
Eliminate white foods from your dietary intake like white bread, white rice, white sugar, table salt etc; instead start using brown bread, brown sugar, brown rice and sea salt.
Properly wash and remove all the fat from the chicken, mutton or beef before cooking. This small measure will save you from consuming lots of fat. Don’t forget to remove the skin from chicken also. Three ounces of chicken breast with skin has 150 calories, which of skin has 50 calories.
Use good amount of herbs and spices while cooking because these herbs not only add taste to the food but they also cause weight loss by boosting metabolism.
If any recipe calls for crumbled cheese, try to use fat free cottage cheese, instead. This step will retain taste, texture, protein, and calcium while saving you lots of the fat and unwanted calories. This trick helps well for stuffed peppers and most baked pasta dishes.
Try to consume grilled or steamed fish at least four times a week. You will not only lose weight by getting lots of nutrition, it will protect you from range of serious diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, depression and arthritis etc.
Go to grocery shop when your kids are in school. When you bring kids along, they will pester you into buying some kind of junk food. They may not only stretch you beyond your budget but also will certainly baffle you from buying right items, which is only possible when you can focus and compare.

Learn to cook dishes in Chinese and Thai style. Chinese dishes not only have lesser calories, but these are perfect diet for weight loss, longevity and general health.
Try to find healthy soup recipes. You can enjoy everything via soups while feeling full, getting the required nutrition, satisfying taste, and yet losing weight! For example if you feel like eating mutton, make soup, instead.
Ten Rules For Healthy Cooking!
By Loana Lynne Champlin

Ten Rules To Help You Rethink What You Drink.
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