Q: - How many pounds can I lose in a week using mini solutions?

It depends on which and how many solutions you use simultaneously. If you good combination of three or four solutions, you may lose, on average 3 to 5 pounds in a week. However, if you are following any of the plans given in the book, you may lose up to 6 pounds in a week. You can add any solution to diet plan but it may not show any extra result. 

Q: I am a working woman, it is not possible for me to cook and exercise, can mini solutions help me?

Busy and working individuals are the one "Slim Without Gym" is especially benefits to.

Q: I am 5.10" tall, weighing 307 pounds. I am member of LA FITNESS for last two and half months but, so far, I have lost only two pounds. Will your system help me?

As a weight loss candidate, you must know the difference between a weight loss goal and a fitness regimen. In weight loss, your target is reduction in pounds you weigh on weighing scale; but in fitness regimen, your aim necessarily is not a decrease in pounds you weigh but a fit body. A fit body may weigh 300 pounds on scale like that of a wrestler. If you are an overweight person, it is advisable for you to lose at least 60% of weight before embarking on a fitness journey. By trying to lose weight with fitness tools usually results in a failure.  By not seeing expected results of your time, toil and money, your commitment may quickly wane out as it usually does.

Q: How does "Slim without Gym" work?

"Slim without Gym" is comprised of proven mini solutions that reduce weight by kick-starting a sluggish metabolism, reducing water-retention, improving livers health etc.  As long as your metabolism is high and liver is functioning properly, you rarely get overweight. Havent you seen some people eat everything but do not get overweight? They are the ones who have higher metabolism. The good news is that, you too can set your metabolism rate higher by using mini solutions.

How can I get slim without gym? I believe weight loss is result of dieting and sweating. Isn't it? 

As a dietitian I, don't disagree with this weight loss rule.  Losing weight by limiting and burning calories is one of the effective but hardest ways of weight loss. Many weight loss aspirants give up on this method because of it being hard. There are quite a few other weight loss methods and approaches that can effectively reverse weight gain either by reversing the causes or booting metabolism or limiting calories absorption etc.

If you visit any of eastern countries like China, Japan, Thailand etc. you will hardly see an obese or overweight individual despite the fact that gyms and weight loss centers are rare there; whereas, quantity of food people consume is not any less than their western counterparts do. The reason is that they don't believe in any super weight loss system. They rely on everyday small solutions. Their enjoyments of food and weight loss solutions go side by side.   

Can I use smoothies with "Slim-With-Gym" ?

Yes, of course, you can consume smoothies with "mini solutions" to get maximise weight loss without compromising on nutrition. 

  I am not very tech-savyy, I don't know how to download the eBook, can you please explain?

The process of download is very simple. As you click on "buy now" button and wait for few seconds, payment form loads up. After filling and submitting the payment form, you land on "Order Confirmation Page" with download links. You can download eBooks by clicking the links one by one. 
We do send an order confirmation email too, with  download links. You can download ebooks at your convenience.

Is there any money back guarantee?

We have 60 days money back guarantee. That means you can try "Slim Wihtout Gym" risk free. 
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